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Fun Facts About Galveston

Often, people will live somewhere and not know some of the interesting lore and fun facts about Galveston, for instance. While you could eventually learn them all by when you’re staying at the Stella Mare RV Resort, we thought we’d speed up the process for you. Heck, even if you’ve stayed with us before, you might not know some of these.

Fun Facts about Galveston Food

Not only are these fun facts, but most of them are historical as well. The first fact is that Galveston was the home of the inventor of condensed milk. That’s right, Gail Borden, first customs inspector in 1837 would later invent condensed milk. Another historical fact is that Galveston was home to the first bakery in Texas. It was opened by an Irish immigrant named Christopher Fox in 1838.

Fun Facts About Galveston | Stella Mare RV Resort

Leader in Technology

Not only was Galveston the first in food, it was also a leader of technology in Texas. Galveston was the first city in Texas to have gas lights (1856) and electric lights (1883). In 1878 the first telephone in Texas was installed in Colonel Belo’s office.

It isn’t shocking that the first telephone would be associated with a newspaper, the Galveston Daily News. Right along with technology is education and Galveston is no slouch there either. Galveston is home to the oldest medical college in Texas. Once known as the Texas Medical College, it changed its name to the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).

Fun Facts About Galveston | Stella Mare RV Resort

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The Stella Mare RV Resort, the quality leader in the Galveston area, is a new resort located across from Galveston Beach and is a great way to start your Gulf Coast vacation while learning some fun facts about Galveston, too! You can find out more about our fabulous amenities by clicking here: Save your spot with us today at

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