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Galveston Island State Park

You’ve had a rough holiday season and the only thing you can think about is just getting away. Staying at Stella Mare RV Resort is a good start, but you can get away even further. The Texas Gulf Coast is an amazing place to relax and destress. You can recharge your batteries by any number of means, but one you should certainly consider is The Galveston Island State Park.


This island refuge is a great place to just stroll the beach and when the weather is warm enough, play in the waves. While the island is a great location for spending time at the beach, there’s so much more that you can do. Even if it is too cold to do any swimming, the water can still provide plenty of fun.
Consider fishing. You can fish in the bay area or the beach-side.

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You don’t have to have a fishing license to fish from shore in a state park. Say you don’t want of fish, what about paddling on any one of the many paddling trails they offer. There is a bit of a hitch. You’ll have to bring your own canoe or kayak; they don’t offer rentals.

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Say you don’t want to spend time at the beach, or fish, or boat. Well, you still have a few options at the park. You can always hike or bike the trails through the various habitats. They offer four miles of trails and feature observation platforms and photo blinds.

You can stretch your legs and take in some of the different fauna of the island. Interested in treasure hunting? Well, why not try geocaching? It’s the modern-day treasure hunt.

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