Get Out of the RV and Let the Games Begin


Good news – as of May 1, the Governor of Texas says the beaches are OPEN!

Put on your swim suit because at Stella Mare RV Resort you are only a short walk from the Galveston Island beach front along the Gulf of Mexico. Take your towels and sunscreen and don’t forget the games.

Here are some fun beach games you can play with your own crew, because social distancing rules still apply at the beach…

Chippo Golf

Set it up on your RV patio or carry it to the beach. The Chippo Outdoor Golf Game combines cornhole and chip shots to make for a fun new golf-centric game. Golfing buddies (or solo players) can use their own clubs to hit from turf-covered chipping mats into the netted holes. High-density foam balls have true spin and trajectory so they feel like the real thing, but won’t cause damage like a real ball can. The game boards are made with lightweight and durable plastic that’s easy to stow or move to wherever you want to play.


Play the Viking-inspired original tossing game. Great for parties, BBQs, the beach, camping or just a nice day in the sun. This game provides hours of entertainment for all ages and gets everyone outside and active. Comes with instructions and its own carrying case, so it’s easy to take with you.

Flickin’ Chicken

You need this toy just so you can say ‘Let’s play Flickin’ Chicken’. Nothing is funnier than hurling a rubber chicken at a target. But these birds bounce and roll, so “flicking” them into the bullseye isn’t as easy as it looks.

Want to be socially-distant, but stay near your rig? Lots of great activities every day at Stella Mare RV Resort. Go for walks, drink wine, enjoy family games and much more. Just check the schedule and stand 6 feet apart.