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Haunted Galveston

Last time we mentioned a tour of some haunted Galveston spots. However, just because there’s a tour, doesn’t mean it’s the only way to see some of these haunted areas. Sometimes, going without someone is just as fun. While you’re staying here at the Stella Mare RV Resort, you can feel free to check out these haunted sites on your own.

Haunted Galveston

The first haunted location we’ll discuss is Stewart’s Mansion, a part of Stewart Ranch. While the Ranch was gifted to the State of Texas in 1969, the mansion was not. This haunted location is said to be home to several entities. Near the gates is a marker for Lafitte’s Grove. This was the headquarters of Lafitte during the Battle of the Three Trees with the Karankawa Indians.

There are reports of apparitions of Native Americans and sounds of cannons, muskets, cries, and screams. Some also can hear the growls and barks attributed to Pirate King Jean Lafitte’s pack of 12 black dogs. These were rumored to have been turned into hellhounds with flaming red eyes after a voodoo queen performed a ritual over them. A voodoo queen that has herself been seen around the mansion.

Haunted Galveston | Stella Mare RV Resort

The Haunted Tremont

For our second haunted location, will be the Tremont House Hotel, one of two Tremont hotels on the island. Initially opened in 1872 it was a popular location and numerous celebrities stayed there including US presidents, Anna Pavlova and Buffalo Bill Cody. It was demolished in 1928, but a new hotel was built upon its remains.

Of course, the problem with remains is that sometimes, the past can remain as well. In this case the haunts take the form of a Civil War soldier wandering through the first floor as if standing guard, a salesman known as The Lucky Man, and a mischievous little boy named Jimmy.

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