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Shark Fishing in Galveston Waters

At the Stella Mare RV Resort, you’ll be in a great place to start doing some of the great things you think about when you’re visiting the beach. Swimming, sunning, and just generally having a fun time. Another great thing you can do at the beach that you may not have thought about is fishing.

Perhaps you have thought about it, but how about fishing for a type of fish that can fight back? If that sounds like a fun challenge to you, we present the idea of shark fishing near the Stella Mare RV Resort.

Galveston Shark Fishing

Saltwater fishing is a quite the different experience if you’ve only ever done freshwater fishing. Out in the Gulf the fish can get big and are a real challenge to land. Even regular fish will put up a stronger fight than what you might experience in streams and lakes. If you are new to fishing, lake and stream fishing might be enough. However, if you’re a veteran fisherman a stiffer challenge awaits with shark fishing in Galveston!

15+ Different Species of Shark

The waters around Galveston are home to more than 15 different species of shark. Many of them are not approved of to fish. Check out the NOAA Shark Identification Guide to get familiar with the different attributes of sharks, but the short of it is that you can keep Smoothhounds, Atlantic Sharpnoses, Bonnetheads, Shortfin Makos, and Hammerheads. If you don’t know what you’ve caught, let it go.

About Stella Mare RV Resort

The Stella Mare RV Resort, near the shark fishing waters of the Galveston area, sits across from Galveston Beach and is a great way to start a Gulf Coast vacation. You can find out more about the great amenities and save your spot with us today at

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