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The Difference Between a Gulf and the Ocean

When folks visit us, they sometimes ask about the difference between the Gulf and an ocean. At Stella Mare RV Resort, we’re happy to answer people’s questions, but want to note that we’re on the Gulf of Mexico not the ocean. While that sounds like it might be just semantics, it actually does make a difference in quite a few ways. The biggest ways can be placed into two categories, sand and water.

A Gulf or Ocean – Sand

Let’s start with the sand. You’ll notice quite a bit of difference between the types of sand you find on the ocean versus what you’ll find in the Gulf. Gulf sand is some of the whitest sand you’ll find on the earth. However, when you visit ocean beaches, you’ll find that the sand is tan or brownish. That’s because ocean sand is a mix of small pebbles and gritty pulverized seashells. This type of sand will scorch your feet on a hot day.

The Difference Between a Gulf and the Ocean | Stella Mare

A Gulf or Ocean – Water

The Gulf also offers much more temperate water than the ocean. The Gulf of Mexico is much closer to the equator and is mostly enclosed. This means it avoids the icy currents coming off of the Arctic. You don’t have to worry here about freezing when you’re visiting our warm shores. The clarity of water also is quite different with ocean water being much murkier, while ours look much more pristine.

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