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The Galveston Island Ferry

We’ve talked a lot about Stella Mare RV Resort is located across from Galveston Beach on Galveston Island, but haven’t much addressed the connections to the mainland. Well, probably the most common way to get here is over I-45 which bridges us to the mainland or the Bluewater Highway which runs up from the south.

However, we’ve recommended visiting the Bolivar Peninsula as well as seeking out some of the wildlife refuges located there. Looking at a map you’re going to see that you’ll have to take a circuitous route around Galveston Bay and Trinity Bay to make that happen. However, there is another path, the Galveston Island Ferry, close to Stella Mare RV Resort.

The Galveston Island Ferry

The Galveston – Port Bolivar ferry takes you on SH 87 that links Galveston Island to the Bolivar Peninsula. The ferry system has been part of Texas transportation since the 19th century. Initially, these were commercial services and only operated for paying customers.

In 1929, the company sold its ferries to Galveston County, which later sold the ferries to the state of Texas. Initially free, Texas later started charging a fee of 25 cents to reduce traffic. This lasted until 1949 when the ferry became free to use again.

Current Use

The ferry operates year round, but the peak months for use are June, July, and August. More than 8 million people use the ferry each year. The ferry is the only way to cross the waterway between Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island. It takes about 18 minutes to cross and each ship can carry about 70 vehicles and 500 passengers.

About Stella Mare RV Resort

The Stella Mare RV Resort is located across from Galveston Beach and is a great place to start your Gulf Coast summer vacation. You can find out more about our great amenities by going to

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