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The RV World in 2018

It’s a month into 2018, which means you’ve probably heard or heard about the State of the Union. That’s a lot of the big picture stuff that often seems that it really doesn’t mean much. So, while you’re relaxing and thinking of spending some time down at Stella Mare on the Gulf Coast you can think on a few of the good signs in our State of the Industry review.

Rising Tide

The good news is that the world of RVs is a rising tide. The numbers for 2016, which is the most recent year that there is complete data for, were fantastic. Most industries would kill to get the kind of growth that the RV industry saw. 15%. That’s right, double digit growth over the year before. Those are numbers that haven’t been seen in a long time. Now, ever since the recession there’s been growth, but nothing quite on that scale.

Whys and the Whatfors

There’s a number of reasons why RVs are becoming the latest and greatest. The most common reasons fall into several categories. First off, value. But you already knew that. The average family saves up to 62% on vacation costs if they use an RV.

What about cost of ownership and fuel? Already factored in. So, its definitely an apples to apples situation. Secondly, RVs are versatile.

Stella Mare,Pet Friendly RV Resort

Owners use RVs for tailgating, traveling with pets, business, and other leisure activities. Finally, RVers can take three or more mini-vacations with the abundance of campgrounds to be found throughout the United States.

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