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6 Reasons Why Spring Camping is the Best


Phew! Well, that was a long winter! Time to bust out the camping gear and the sense of adventure. Why wait until summer? There are so many reasons to go camping or hit the road in your RV right when the weather starts to warm. It hits that sweet spot right between Old Man Winter and the heat of summer, setting the stage for the perfect camping trip.

Here’s why camping in spring is the best time.

Beat the Crowds

With the recent explosion of RV camping (think you, pandemic), summer vacation has seen more crowds in national and state parks, and other outdoor attractions. And that’s a very good thing, as it gets people of all ages out and enjoying nature.

But the downside? Yeah, the crowds. You are rubbing elbows with other campers no matter where you go. And getting a reservation to a campground in most areas can be tricky, if not downright impossible. To remedy this, opt for your epic camping trip in spring. The weather will not be as warm, and in some areas of the country, nearly as humid as in the height of summer. That said, be sure to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

After all, one of the reasons people love to camp is to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. You can’t really do that when the campgrounds and the trails are brimming with people. There is less competition for that coveted RV site, as well.

Fewer Pests

We don’t mean people, we’ve already covered that. Nope, we’re talking bugs! Namely, mosquitos. But there are also bees and flies, which seem to REALLY want your hot dog! In some areas, this is not an issue, but in the south, Midwest, and other humid areas, it can be a real problem. Almost to the point where if you don’t have bug spray and some good salmonella, you’re doomed to be eaten.

In the spring months, this is hardly a problem. The little critters haven’t quite woken up yet from their winter slumber. Leaving you to relax and enjoy your favorite meal and beverage outside your RV in the fabulous sunshine.

The Flowers are Blooming

Spring is the season for flowers! The act of seeing nature come alive after a long winter is truly a magnificent thing and is an incredible sight to see. The areas where wildflowers bloom is particularly amazing. Just remember the golden rule – only leave your footprints, take only pictures. In other words, do not pick the flowers. It may seem tempting to snip just one flower, but if every camper did this, nature would surely suffer.

The Wildlife Flourishes

Whether or not an animal hibernates, they certainly do hunker down during the winter months and are barely detected. But when the snow melts and the weather warms, they tend to come out in full force. This gives outdoor enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to see mother nature at her best.

During this time, many new animals are born, so you have a greater chance of seeing some really cute wildlife. Just be respectful and keep your distance. Getting too close to the animals, especially in the national parks, is a federal offense, so be sure to follow all posted rules.

The Glory of a Good Campfire

With the summers getting hotter and drier in many spots around the country, fire bans are in effect during the summer months. Translation? No campfires! And we all know that gathering around a good campfire is one of the ultimate joys of camping.

So go during the spring months when the weather is a little damper and fire hazards are not nearly a problem. Then gather round that fire ring, break out the s’mores, enjoy some great conversation (maybe a ghost story or two?), and have yourself a glorious evening.

It’s Less Expensive

Ah, the shoulder season! With less demand comes better prices for campsites across the board. Spring is prime shoulder season when campers can take advantage of some really great deals, both on campsites and food.

When you save money, you also have the chance to take more frequent trips during the Spring, instead of one big summer trip that eats up all of your vacation money.

So get out there and start camping! It’s time.

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