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Camping Activities for Your Next Trip

So you’ve booked your camping trip and now it’s time to decide what to do next. Truth is there are tons of camping activities you can do to stay busy on your next trip. From onsite events to local flare, you’ll never run out of things to do.

10 Camping Activities to Do on Your Next Trip

Your camping trip should be exactly what you want it to be! Whether you are seeking time in nature or seeking a day of action, there are tons of camping activities to suit your fancy.

1. Enjoy the Surrounding Nature
At the heart of any camping trip is the great outdoors. Take the time to walk through nature, take in a sunset, or just sit outside your camper and relax.


2. Birdwatching
Grab your binoculars and look up! Birdwatching is such a cool way to get to know the nature around you. There are so many different birds and creatures around, you’ll have a blast trying to name them all.

3. Go for a Swim
Most resorts have a swimming pool or spa so take advantage of the cool (or warm) waters.

4. Learn a New Game
Teach your family a new game or break out the family favorite. Cards, board games, dice, and dominoes, household games make for some of the best camping activities.

5. Check Out the Local Community
Camping is a great way to visit different areas of the country. Get out there and learn about the local area. Visit a museum and get to know the town’s history or wander through a local farmer’s market!

6. Shop Till You Drop
Someone has to buy all those souvenirs, right?

7. Dine on Local Cuisine
If you’re looking for a night out, why not check out a local restaurant or try some food you’ve never had before?

8. Read, Write, or Craft
Bring that book you’ve been waiting to read or that stack of magazines you’ve been meaning to go through. Camping is a great way to take time for yourself and start some of those quiet projects.

9. Take Advantage of Onsite Amenities
Resorts like Stella Mare RV Resort have tons of onsite camping activities. Take the kids to the playground, hang out at the community spaces, or stop by the pool.

10. Join a Resort Event
Stella Mare RV Resort has an activity calendar filled with things to do. Join in on a community event and get to know your neighbor. Check out the latest from Stella Mare here.

What Camping Activities are Essential for You and Your Family?

Whether you play cards at the picnic table, do other camping activities or spend the day on the town, camping is a great way to create memories and honor traditions.

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