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Galveston’s Best Brunch Spots

The almighty brunch. It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate, whether it’s a 50th wedding anniversary or just making it through the work week. It’s bacon and egg deliciousness paired with the later-day introduction of classic meat and potatoes. What’s not to love about that?

In Galveston, restaurant owners certainly know how to sling the perfect brunch menus. So when you’re looking for the best brunch in Galveston, head to these places that offer you down-home cookin’ with love!

Mosquito Cafe

Mimosas, anyone? This cozy and very popular neighborhood spot sees a good crowd during the brunch rush, so come early! The dishes are exquisitely prepared; think shrimp and grits, feta and spinach scones, smoked salmon, and an Eggs Benedict that will make you weep with joy. The meals are classic, yet prepared and served creatively to make your main weekend meal unforgettable. And yes, their Mimosas are celebrated throughout the region.


Sunflower Bakery and Cafe

 You’re in Texas where everything is big, so it’s best to bring your biggest appetite when brunching at the Sunflower. They serve huge portions that feature Southern-style plates with all of the classic brunch goodness, plus a few novel ideas thrown in for good measure. Classic items such as Belgian waffles with fresh berries, chicken & biscuits, and Eggs Benedict tempt the palette; then there are dishes such as quail & grits that are so intriguing, you just have to try it.


Galvez Bar & Grill

Take in a gorgeous view of the Gulf waters while leisurely spending time with friends and family over a delicious meal. Located in a beautiful and charming historical building, the Galvez Sunday Champagne Brunch is a top pick among locals and visitors alike. With omelets made to order, a meat carving station, fluffy waffles, salad offerings and pastas, the grand finale is the cheesecake that is so creamy, you’d better make room for it at the end!


Porch Café

Set in elegant white-washed and modern simplicity, this bright and beachy bistro has all of the hallmarks of a great brunch spot. Celebrate any milestone, big or small, with eggs and biscuits, delectable seafood gratin, classic chicken and waffles drizzled with cane sugar syrup, or seafood gratin. And that’s just for starters. They’ve got small plates, so feel free to indulge in several offerings that tickle your fancy. As an aside, happy hour is popular on Thursday and Fridays, with unique appetizers and drinks.


Gumbo Diner

It wouldn’t be Galveston without the gumbo! Here your soul will be warmed with a yummy shrimp gumbo, and tasty beignets topped with powdered sugar that rival those found in New Orleans. Or if you prefer something more classic, tuck into their huevos rancheros, or chicken and waffles for that sweet and savory kick. They also serve mimosas that are as delicious as they are inexpensive.

Your weekend plans just got better with this selection of the best breakfast (and lunch) spots in Galveston. Fill your tummy then enjoy the rest of your day at the beach, or hang out by the pool here at Stella Mare RV Resort!

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