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No Fireworks? No Problem!

The City of Galveston has decided on cancelling the fireworks this year, but guess what? You can make your own!

Safe Alternatives to Fireworks

You’ll love ‘em, because they are…

  • Inexpensive – Use things you have sitting around anyway like Diet Coke, eggs, and straws.
  • Not noisy – Except for the sound of your kids squealing with delight.
  • Safe – You won’t set the RV on fire. Guaranteed.

Straw Rockets

1. Cut a piece of 8 x 11 printer paper into 12 pieces. If you are holding the paper so the long sides are on the side and the shorter side on the top, you’d cut 6 lines across, and then 1 line down the center. Each piece is about 2″ by 4″ – but they really do not have to be exact at all.

2. Decorate the paper. Use crayons or markers. Stickers are fun – but can weigh down your rocket!

3. Roll the paper strip loosely around the straw.

4. Tape the roll along the edge to keep it rolled. You could also use glue – but kids usually want the results right away, and don’t want to wait for it to dry!

5. Fold the top of the paper tube down and tape it. You could also fold the edges in if you wanted it to look a little neater from the front.

6. Put the paper tube on the straw – and blow!

Fourth of July Confetti Eggs

1. Start by hollowing out large eggs. Tap the very end of the egg and then gently break off just a small bit of shell from the top. Rinse the shells thoroughly.

2. Dye the egg shells red & blue in a mixture of boiling water, food coloring (gel color works best to achieve darker colors) and 1 tbsp vinegar (the same way that you dye Easter eggs).

3. To make the confetti, cut strips of tissue paper with scissors. Easy!

4. Fill the eggs with the confetti.

5. Seal the eggs by gently using a glue stick to apply a square of tissue paper over the open end.

6. Kids smash them on each other’s heads!

Diet Coke & Mentos ‘Fountains’ for adults and bigger kids – DO THIS OUTSIDE!

If you haven’t tried this one yet, this is your time. Yes, you can just drop Mentos into an open bottle of Diet Coke for a foaming fountain. (Yes, it has to be Mentos, yes, it has to be Diet Coke.) This one is messy, so dress for the occasion and give your sugar rocket space to erupt — stand back!

Lounge by the pool, stretch out on the beach, fire up the grill and have a blast with DIY fireworks.

Reserve now! Summer is really busy at Stella Mare RV Resort and 4th of July is going to be even busier. Or call us at (409) 632-7017.

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